Documentary:  On February 6th, 1968, four years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, members of the South Carolina State College football team stood beside fellow students from the Historically Black College to protest an all-white bowling alley in the small town of Orangeburg, South Carolina. Their peaceful efforts to integrate the business provoked a violent response from local law enforcement, fueling rising tensions and culminating in a tragic confrontation between State Highway patrolmen and students on the college’s campus two days later. Three students were killed and more than 30 wounded, including many members of the SC State Bulldogs football team, in what would become known as the Orangeburg Massacre. This film retells the relatively unknown story of the Orangeburg Massacre from the point of view of several members of the college football squad who survived the slaughter and shines a light on athlete activism and police violence toward young black men, some 50 years after the events in Orangeburg.

Start Time: 6:20pm – Run Time: 20mins




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